Designed to bring clarity, color, and brilliance to your family’s schedule, the Skylight Calendar is a digital family calendar. With an HD touchscreen and a user-friendly mobile app, it helps you seamlessly plan and manage events for everyone.


Chore chart: The interactive Chore Chart turns routine tasks into rewarding accomplishments.
Color coding: Simplify scheduling by assigning each family member a unique color.
Mobile app: Manage and access your Skylight from anywhere using the free mobile app for on-the-go updates.
Custom lists: Streamline tasks, to-dos, and groceries with accessible custom lists.
Meal planning: Easily display your family’s meal plan for everyone to see.
Customized views: Tailor your calendar with adjustable font sizes and toggle between day, week, month, and schedule views.
Weather: Stay prepared with precise weather forecasting for event times and locations.


It offers a solution to keep your family organized and informed.