Keep your pet safe with the Catalyst Dog Collar for AirTag. This durable and adjustable dog collar stands up to heavy use.


Tailored for Tough Pets: If your pet is tough on collars, this 1″ wide adjustable collar is the ideal choice. It’s also compatible with the Catalyst Waterproof AirTag Clip-It Case.

Secure Attachment: The collar features an additional loop to fit the Catalyst AirTag Clip-It Case. This design prevents any dangling, rubbing, irritation, or discomfort for your pet.

Water-friendly: Quick-drying and suitable for pets that love to swim, this collar suits puppies, cats, and other water-loving companions.

Durable Construction: Built to resist scratching and licking, the flat pet collar withstands rough play and is adjustable with a sturdy, easy-to-clip leash hook.

Comfortable Design: With no hard edges against the dog’s skin, this collar prioritizes your pet’s comfort.


Choose this AirTag Dog collar for a reliable and comfortable solution!