Experience complete tranquility, incredible sleep, and quick focus with the revolutionary Moza Sleepris. This multifunctional eye mask integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance your well-being through various modes.


7 layers of light-blocking fabric: Crafted with skin-friendly material, it provides a comfortable and light-blocking experience for optimal rest.
Light therapy: Emitting 650–850 nm red lightwaves, Sleepris aids in the release of melatonin, promoting better sleep and relaxation.
Vibration massage: Enjoy 10 massage rhythms and 8 tension-releasing micro acupuncture nodes for a soothing experience.
Calming modes: Choose from 4 modes, combining red light therapy, vibration massage, breathing guidance, and hot compress for personalized relaxation.
Super lightweight: Weighing only 0.27 lbs, Sleepris works for all-night wear, ensuring zero pressure on your body.


Embrace the future of relaxation with Sleepris. It’s a holistic solution for your well-being, offering tranquility, rejuvenating sleep, and enhanced focus.