Wish you could move your car with your eyes? It's possible with the Honor Magic6 Pro's eye-tracking tech. Check it out in the blog!

Ahead of the Honor Magic6 Pro launch at MWC 2024, Honor shows off its futuristic eye-tracking tech with Autocar in a video released earlier this week. The video demonstrates how Honor’s new technology can start and move a car. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at this new AI-powered technology!

Honor Magic6 Pro eye-tracking tech demo

Start and move a car . . . with your eyes

While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, the video demo shows journalists starting and moving a car forward and backward via eye-tracking technology in the new Honor Magic6 Pro.

In a top-secret testing facility, the journalists are presented with options on the phone’s display to start, stop, or move the test car forward or backward. After the journalists give the phone a prolonged look, the car in the background begins to move independently.

To see it is amazing. Until now, we’ve never had this capability on our phones. However, eye-tracking tech that moves cars raises a host of concerns. Like, how much time do users have to stop a car? And what prevents a person without a driver’s license from operating a vehicle in this way?

The journalists noted that the demo was, in fact, a demo. It showcases a potential use of eye-tracking tech, not what’s actually in the new phone. But the idea of it is exciting.

Will this be a thing in the near future?

In my opinion, no. The technology doesn’t seem close to being there; just look at what happened to self-driving cars. While AI can provide useful driving assistance, for now, at least, a human should control heavy machinery in populated, unpredictable terrain.

That being said, I do think eye-tracking tech has the potential to make using a car easier. It could also solve the common user pain points that arise from using a phone for nearly everything.

Potential uses of eye-tracking tech

The journalists didn’t specify what eye-tracking features we could expect from the new Honor Magic6 Pro. However, a past teaser showed a woman opening the Uber app with her eyes.

My guess is that the eye-tracking tech on the Magic6 will expand our options for hands-free use of our phones. So, perhaps we can open apps and make selections in them with a prolonged gaze. Or maybe we’ll be able to make calls by staring down the call button. As far as accessibility goes, this is a surefire win.

And, based on this video demo, I’d wager that Honor would love to include an eye-tracking feature that starts a car and unlocks it. That way, all we’d have to do is open the car door and step in. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

My take on Honor’s eye-tracking technology

My hands are always full, so I’d welcome any feature that gives me more one-handed use options for my phone. I imagine the same is true for you, too.

Can you imagine sending messages and making calls by locking eyes with your screen? It’s a cool idea, and, hopefully, some of these innovations are already here. Let’s see what Honor has in store for use during its AI Panel Discussion at MWC 2024 on Monday, February 26, at 17:00 CET.

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