Meet the Lockly Visage facial recognition smart lock. It unlocks when you approach with Apple Home Keys or Apple Watch.


Facial recognition technology: Unlock your property totally hands free. The onboard facial recognition technology opens the lock when it detects you.

Store up to 100 face profiles: Meanwhile, the gadget can store up to 100 face profiles. That way, you can allow easy entry to family, friends, and staff.

Wi-Fi and Matter integrated: With Wi-Fi and Matter integration, this face-recognizing door lock easily blends into your smart home.

Favorite Lockly features: The Visage also includes Lockly favorites like the PIN Genie, 3D fingerprint technology, real-time alerts, and more.

Works with Apple products: What’s more, the lock also unlocks via Apple Home Keys or Apple Watch.


Make your home more convenient than ever with this compact, hubless smart lock.