Set your family up for success with the Enabot EBO X family smart robot companion and guardian. Thanks to its Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology, it provides essential safety features.


Elderly fall alert: In fact, it has an Elderly Fall Alert feature, which uses its gesture inspection algorithm to determine if someone has fallen.

Trespassing alert: This alert lets you mark restricted areas on the internal map. Then, it sends you alerts if someone enters these areas without permission.

Crying and call for help alerts: Offering far-field sound sensors, it also has a 4-microphone array. That way, it can hear if a child cries or someone in the home calls for help.

Super intelligent robot: Operating with the X3M chip, it can handle 5 trillion operations per second! So it can accurately and swiftly map your home using its V-SLAM technology.


Protect your family with the Enabot EBO X!