Get more insight into your fertility with the Tempdrop Monitor. This fertility awareness system offers a user-friendly and highly accurate solution for women looking to understand their reproductive health. With its innovative design and advanced technology, Tempdrop empowers users to take charge of their fertility journey with ease.


Wearable comfort: Tempdrop is a discreet armband worn during sleep, ensuring accurate basal body temperature readings without disturbing daily activities.
Accuracy: Utilizing sensor fusion technology, Tempdrop provides precise temperature measurements, enhancing the reliability of fertility predictions.
Data synchronization: Seamlessly sync temperature data with fertility apps, enabling comprehensive cycle tracking and analysis.
Menstrual cycle insights: Gain valuable insights into ovulation, fertility windows, and menstrual cycles, empowering informed family planning decisions.
User-friendly: The intuitive interface and simple setup make Tempdrop accessible, whether new to fertility tracking or experienced charters.


Enjoy effective, comfortable, and accurate fertility monitoring with Tempdrop.