Freshen up your home entertainment space with the Pedestal Moon Rollin’. This functional TV stand offers the best of Scandinavian design elements.


Choose from 5 unique colors: Whether you prefer subdued shades of charcoal or unique colors like apricot, you get 5 lovely options for this artistic TV stand.

Playful design: Tech gadgets and accessories can be so serious when it comes to design. The Pedestal Moon Rollin’ and its curved lines give you the freedom to play with aesthetics.

Durable steel construction: But this product isn’t lighthearted about stability and durability. It’s made of sturdy steel and other premium-quality materials.

Supports a range of TV screens: Does your flatscreen TV fall between 40″ and 70″ and weigh up to 50 kg? Then the Pedestal Moon Rollin’ fits it just fine.


Elevate your living room style with this Scandinavian TV stand.