Get the ideal watch for multi-sport training when you go for the COROS PACE 3 GPS Sport Watch. It’s lightweight and low-profile, so it never gets in the way.


Next-gen design: An improvement on its predecessor, the PACE 3 offers 38 hours of battery life during continuous GPS use. It runs for 24 days with continuous Daily Use.

Top-tier comfort: Meanwhile, the light, slim body is comfortable all day and night for completely distraction-free wear.

Sophisticated navigation: Run with confidence anywhere thanks to the Turn-by-Turn navigation. The satellite chipset keeps your GPS data accurate.

Multiple activity modes: You can run, swim, bike, strength train, and more. This GPS sport smartwatch has a wide range of activity modes.

Heart rate and sleep tracking: Additionally, this sports smartwatch also tracks your sleep, Sp02, and workout intensity.


Get a sports smartwatch designed for tough training with the PACE 3.