Treat your pup to epic games of fetch with the Gitit MAX! high-performance dog toy. It travels fast and far, bouncing along the ground, giving your dog exercise and stimulation.


Long-distance travel: This high-speed dog toy travels up to 250 feet. It triggers your dog’s natural chasing instinct.

Fast ground speeds: The Gitit MAX!  has been engineered for high speeds. It lets your dog chase, not retrieve.

Ground racing: Meanwhile, this dog toy is worry free; it travels along the ground, not the air.

Slobberless design: You won’t have to pick up a toy drenched in slobber at every throw—because you never have to touch the ring!

Safe design: Gitit rings are food safe, non-toxic, and BPA free. So it’s a toy you can feel good about giving to your best friend.


Treat your dog and yourself to hours of fun with the Gitit MAX!