Discover the art of home brewing with the iGulu F1 home brewing machine. This fully automated system lets you brew from the comfort of home.


One-Click Brewing: Add your preferred brew kit ingredients and water, scan the RFID sticker, and initiate the brewing process with a simple click.

Customizable Brewing: For advanced brew masters, the iGulu F1 offers complete customization. Choose your ingredients and have control over temperature, pressure, and duration.

Smart Connectivity App: Monitor the brewing process in real-time, adjust cooling modes, and access commonly used data units.

In-House Beer Dispenser: Refrigerate 5L barrel packaged beers conveniently. With Cooling Mode, dispense a variety of refrigerated barrel-packaged beers for any occasion.

Simplified Cleaning: The Tritan constructed tank ensures cleanliness, while the large opening allows easy cleaning access.


Experience the future of home brewing with this user-friendly machine.