Upgrade your warehouse and manufacturing operations with the Aptronik Apollo industrial humanoid robot. It offers friendly interaction, can be mass-produced, and has high payloads. Discover it.


Humanoid Design: Enjoy assistance from a robot that looks like a human. It’s 5’8″ tall and weighs 160 lbs.

Long Battery Life: What’s more, this industrial robot gives you 4 hours of work at a time. And the battery packs are hot-swappable, so the robot can work a full day.

High Payload: This robot supports 55 pounds, helping you with heavy-duty work.

Modular Design: Even better, you can mount this robot to any mobility platform.

Intuitive Interaction: Apollo can even communicate with you, thanks to LEDs in the chest and mouth that work together to show you its status.

Safety: Moreover, this manufacturing robot moves safely around humans.


Improve your business operations with this humanoid robot.