Enjoy officially licensed branding when you have the Thunderstick Studio GRS Super Joystick Ikari Warriors Limited Edition. This gaming joystick comes from a collaboration with SNK.


Latest technology: It incorporates Hall Sensors, hybrid USB protocols, and software-defined joystick control key values.
Versatility: This 3-in-1 gaming accessory has an encoder, a joystick, and a push-and-pull knob for customization.
Rotary knob: Offering switchable modes—gamepad hat, keystroke, mouse—it provides a diverse gaming experience.
Rotational detents: It supports 3 switchable detent options—8, 12, and 16—for personalized gameplay.
Innovative packaging: The control-panel-shaped rig box has predrilled holes for easy assembly of arcade buttons and joystick.
Compatibility: It works with PC, Raspberry Pi 3 and 4, and Linux.


The Thunderstick Studio GRS Super Joystick Ikari Warriors Limited Edition stands out as a premium gaming accessory, combining advanced technology, user-friendly design, and unique features for an immersive gaming experience.