Protect your iPhone 15 in the minimalist style with the SANDMARC Minimal Leather Case. It uses high-quality, full-grain leather and beautiful colors.


Perfect Color Harmony: Made to complement the titanium iPhone color, the Minimal Leather Case offers an impeccable match. The all-black variant also enhances the minimalist appeal, providing an ultra-sleek look.

Magnet-Enabled Convenience: Meanwhile, the Pro Case is magnet-enabled, allowing you to charge it via MagSafe wireless chargers.

Durable Full Grain Leather: Constructed from high-grade full-grain leather, SANDMARC’s leather case ensures longevity and develops a rich patina over time.

A flashy metallic finish: Minimalist doesn’t mean boring. For that reason, a metallic finish covers the side buttons and camera rim.

Metal buttons: The metal buttons enhance the high-quality feel of this case. Plus, they ensure your phone’s longevity.


Enjoy a minimalist style with this leather case for iPhone 15.