Meet the LEGO Star Wars Invisible Hand, a collectible mid-scale LEGO starship. This buildable display model is an excellent gift for any Star Wars fan.


A creative building challenge: Relive the excitement of the opening starship battle with this meticulously crafted LEGO brick-built model.

Iconic features: You’ll love the authentic features from the Star Wars universe. The ship is also designed for display, with a buildable stand featuring a nameplate and a special LEGO Star Wars 25th-anniversary brick.

A must-have for collectors: With 557 pieces, it’s a challenging yet rewarding build experience for collectors.

LEGO app: Assemble your Invisible Hand starship with guidance from the LEGO Builder app, which offers 3D building instructions, progress tracking, and the ability to save all your sets in one place.


Unwind and escape to a galaxy far, far away with this set!