Transform your fire pit into a restaurant-quality wood-fired pizza oven in seconds with the Breeo Live-Fire Pizza Oven. Crafted with Breeo’s renowned quality, this oven features extra-thick pizza stones.


Built to last: Engineered from stainless or Corten steel, this pizza oven withstands high heat. This ensures restaurant-quality pizzas and durability in your backyard.

Superior temperature control: The thick pizza stones retain heat beneath the pizza, while the heat bypass chimney allows precise air temperature control. Keep an eye on the temperature with the built-in thermometer.

Breeo fire pit compatible: Pair the Breeo pizza oven with the X24, X30, and Luxeve Fire Pits. They make superior wood-fueled heat sources.

A no-assembly design: Arriving fully assembled, the this pizza oven is ready to use. Simply remove it from the box and place it on your pit.


Bring wood-fired cooking to new heights with this fire pit pizza oven!