Inspire your family or team members from anywhere with the Vestaboard Messaging display. This non-digital display shows up to 132 modular characters or ‘bits’ at a time.


Aluminum mask and frame: The premium frame and mask open and remove, so it’s easy to replace bits if necessary.

A sensory experience: While screens can be bright and impersonal, this messaging board is a sensory experience where your words actually move.

Remote management: Best of all, this unique product works with iOS, Android, and cloud apps for use on any device. So you can control and manage it remotely. You can even let family members across the country control your Vestaboard, and you can operate multiple boards from the app.

Automate your messages: Moreover, you can even pre-schedule, sync, or automate your messages.


And, when you change a message, the bits produce a timeless, clackety sound!