Turn your food scraps into magic when you have the Reencle microorganism composter. Designed to operate on your counter or floor, this quiet gadget makes your life run more smoothly.


3-layer filter: With a 3-layer filter system, it blocks odors yet gives you fast organic composting.
Includes necessities: In the box, you’ll get not only the Reencle composter but also the filter, a shovel, and the self-perpetuating ReencleMicrobe.
Low maintenance: Incredibly, the ReencleMicrobe can survive in high-acidity and high-salinity environments. In fact, it can even handle extreme temperatures. You don’t need to replace it, and you can continue to use it.
Nearly silent operation: With a volume level under 28 decibels, it operates quieter than the sound of falling leaves!
Touchless: Keep your hands, and Reencle, clean when you simply wave your hand or foot in front of it and watch the lid open automatically.


Finally, the creators of Reencle thought of everything as it even has hangers on the side for the shovel.