Protect your mobile privacy with the Punkt. MC02. This minimalist Android smartphone keeps prying eyes off your internet use.


Peace of Mind in a Connected World: The Punkt. MC02 offers a secure and intelligent mobile device experience. It shields your personal information from prying digital eyes.

Your Digital Sanctuary: This minimalist smartphone gives you ownership and control over your digital environment.

Protection by Punkt.: You can enjoy familiar activities with an additional layer of protection. It ensures that apps and websites cannot access personal data.

Digital Nomad: Equipped with a built-in VPN, the MC02 secures your internet connectivity and privacy wherever you go. Enjoy safe browsing on public Wi-Fi.

Knowledge Leads to Action: What’s more, the Data & Carbon Ledgers offer real-time insights into the safety risk level of individual apps and the environmental impact of app use.


Stay in control of technology with this smartphone.