Support your creative journey at your desk with the Bento Jot. This modern stationary set includes 12 writing tools and a 3-layer bento box design.


3-Layer bento box design: The set’s bento box shape consists of 3 layers: the Øver layer, Mid layer, and Base layer. Each holds tools for handwritten notes. The Mid layer even boasts a vegan leather carrying case.

12 desk tools: Meanwhile, the 12 included tools were all created exclusively for Bento Jot. From the Monograph Journal to the Aluminum pen, they bring elegance to your desk.

High-quality materials: What’s more, the tool features premium materials, giving you a satisfying tactile feel.

Less plastic: Plus, the Bento Jot modern stationary uses less plastic than most stationary kits.

Stylish look: With its Scandinavian emotive design, this bento box stationary set brings a one-of-a-kind experience to your workspace.


Bring a new perspective to your creative space with the Bento Jot!