Ward off opponents with the SabersPro Luke. This multicolor LED lightsaber pays tribute to a great Jedi master, combining durability and style.


12 Blade colors: Change your blade color to 1 of 12 hues at the touch of a button.

Xeno Configurator: This feature lets you control the lightsaber features using an iPhone or Android app.

Soundfonts: Even better, this collectible lightsaber offers beautiful sound effects.

Smoothswing sounds: The Luke lightsaber also makes realistic sounds in response to motion. The audio is precise and controlled.

Duel-ready design: Featuring a durable polycarbonate blade, this Star Wars gadget endures heavy dueling.

Flash-on-clash: Experience the classic lightsaber clash when 2 saber blades hit each other or other objects.

Rechargeable battery: Charge the 2000mAh battery anytime with the built-in recharge port. That way, you aren’t constantly replacing batteries.


Take your Star Wars roleplay to the next level!