Unveil the outdoors at night with the YASHICA Vision night photography gadget. It offers 4K UHD image and full-color night vision.


Full-Color Night Vision: YASHICA Vision offers a full-color night vision mode. It provides a natural view in challenging lighting conditions.

4K UHD Image Quality: With advanced optics and a superior CMOS sensor, YASHICA Vision delivers high-resolution 4K UHD images.

Up to 600m View Distance: Extend your observational reach with an exceptional view distance of up to 600 meters. And that’s in complete darkness. You get clarity and detail during nocturnal exploration.

3x Optical Zoom, 5x Digital Zoom: With a 3x optical and 5x digital zoom, YASHICA Vision ensures precise framing and observation without compromising image quality, catering to diverse scenarios.

Long Battery Life: YASHICA Vision boasts up to 16 hours of battery life, making it an ideal companion for wildlife observation or night exploration.


Discover the nocturnal world with this gadget!