Reduce sensory overload and minimize stress with the Flare Calmer. This noise-reducing device fits gently in your ear where it dampens unpleasant frequencies.


Reduced resonance: The Calmer reduces resonance with a tiny waveguide. It stops the concha (part of the ear that resonates mid-frequency sounds) from becoming stimulated. The dampens alert noises like sudden loud voices, subway trains, dogs barking, etc.

Comfortable fit: Best of all, this noise-reducing device is comfortable. Made from soft-touch, durable silicone, it fits all ears.

Lower your stress: Do trigger points like phone alerts and barking dogs make you anxious? This gadget dampens those sounds, relieving stress.

Hear environmental noise: Meanwhile, this stress-reducing device doesn’t block sound or make you feel isolated. So you can still participate in activities happening around you.

4 colorways: With colors like translucent, purple, mint, and grey, the Flare Calmer matches your style.


Reduce annoying noises with the Flare Calmer!