Get multi-functional lawn care with the Yarbo Blower B1 outdoor robot. It mows the lawn, blows leaves, and removes snow. Check it out!


Year-round yard care: The great thing about the Yarbo Blower B1 is that you can use it all year. That’s right, it mows, removes snow, and blows away leaves. That way, your walkways and driveways are clear and safe.

Biometric leaf blowing: This Yarbo Blower imitates human leaf blowing to clear away debris. It changes wind volume and blowing speed to create efficient routes.

Intelligent avoidance: You don’t have to worry about this outdoor robot bumping into your car or lamposts. It can navigate its surroundings.

Auto-recharging: The B1 even auto recharges, ensuring seamless 24/7 runtime.

Smart app control: Manage this yard robot from your smartphone thanks to the companion app.


Lawn care is effortless with the Yarbo Blower B1.