Imagine a world where your coffee creations know no bounds. The KUKU Maker opens the door to endless flavor possibilities, where every extraction state and every coffee bean becomes a canvas for your creativity.


Variable separation for control: Change one factor without affecting others. This not only makes coffee brewing easier to control but also makes the final taste more predictable.
Flavor experimentation: Play with DIY flavors and brewing methods. Add water in stages, adjust the temperature in stages, or even use different types of coffee grounds.
Circular extraction: Centrifugal force generates extraction pressure—rather than traditional boiling water or pressure pumps. Enjoy stable, controllable extraction for consistent output.
Innovative design: With an ergonomic powder-funnel design, it also has energy-efficient induction heating, durable aluminum alloy construction, and IP65 water resistance.


Enjoy a coffee machine with a multifunctional approach that produces delicious drinks with consistent quality.