Get a wallet-sized phone holder,  the GEOMETRICAL Pocket Tripod for smartphones. It’s so convenient that it folds down to the size and thickness of 2 credit cards.


Wallet-size design: This smartphone tripod easily folds to the size and thickness of 2 credit cards. So you can easily carry it in a wallet, pocket or purse.

Anywhere use: And thanks to this portability, you can watch videos whenever, wherever. Watch fitness videos at the gym, scroll social media at restaurants, take video calls from a coffee shop, etc.

Stable photos/videos on the go: Shoot stable videos and photos in the moment. The Pocket Tripod holds your smartphone for shake-free shots and video clips.

Universal compatibility: This EDC accessory works with any phone or case. Your purchase comes with interchangeable adapters so you get the right fit.


Leave those unwieldy tripods and phone stands at home and go for this foldable smartphone tripod.