Bring music to life with the Audio Pro C20. This premium Bluetooth multiroom speaker offers a versatile audio experience.


Multiple Streaming Options: Enjoy your favorite tunes through various services. You can stream from your smartphone, PC, or Mac via Apple Airplay 2, Google Cast, and more.

A Vinyl Enthusiast’s Dream: With a built-in moving magnet (MM) phonostage, the C20 lets you indulge in the warmth of vinyl. And you don’t have to buy additional equipment.

TV and Movie Enjoyment: Connect the C20 to your TV’s ARC output for enhanced audio while watching your favorite shows and movies.

Stereo Pairing and Multiroom Setup: Elevate your soundstage by setting up 2 C20s as a stereo pair using the Audio Pro app or Apple Airplay 2.

Elegant Aesthetics: The woven fabric front, easily removable with magnets, allows you to switch between two distinct looks.


Listen to music from a range of sources with this speaker!