Designed to promote road courtesy, the Sorry Thanks road-communicating car sign has an LED display. It helps eliminate the dangers of aggressive driving by allowing drivers to convey apologies with the word Sorry and express gratitude with Thanks, fostering empathetic interactions on the road.


User-friendly interface: The high-resolution LED display showcases Sorry and Thanks, ensuring clear communication of remorse or gratitude.
Easy-to-use remote control: With only 2 buttons—S for Sorry and T for Thanks—the remote control simplifies the process. Easily place it for convenient access.
Automatic brightness adjustment: Equipped with an intelligent light sensor, the sign adjusts brightness based on ambient conditions for optimal visibility day and night.
Quick and convenient installation: It’s designed for easy attachment to the car’s rear window using provided hook-and-loop strips.


In a world plagued by road conflicts and escalating tensions, the Sorry Thanks sign aims to de-escalate situations.