Manage your dog’s health and well-being effortlessly with the Ogmen Oro robot companion for dogs. It’s smart pet care for pups!


Smart Home Companion: Ogmen Oro seamlessly navigates your home, enriches play, manages routines, and provides vigilant oversight using cameras and sensors.

Interactive Pet Entertainment: This robot for pets sparks joy and strengthens bonds by playing engaging pet games.

Well-Being Monitoring: Meanwhile, Oro tracks your dog’s well-being. It monitors activities and eating habits and sends notifications about anything unusual.

Remote Presence and Interaction: Interact with your pooch and explore surroundings through its eyes from anywhere.

Intelligent Camera Features: Oro captures and shares your dog’s experiences using the onboard camera.

Tailored Dog Exercises: Providing unwavering attention and endless repeatability, Oro offers tailored dog exercises.

Comprehensive Dog Care App: The Oro smart app allows effortless management of your dog’s well-being, health monitoring, and more.


Enjoy smart care for your dog!