Get intelligent pool cleaning with the Beatbot Aquasense Pro. This robot vacuum for pools uses AI for better navigation and cleaning efficiency.


Intelligent Pool Cleaning: This robot vacuum boasts 20 smart sensors for adaptive navigation, accurate distance measurement, and unparalleled decision-making.

Precision Cleaning and 5-in-1 Coverage: Meanwhile, it offers industry-leading map and path planning, paired with 5-in-1 cleaning. They ensure 100% pool coverage.

Unmatched Power and Versatility: With the NonaDrive 9 Motor System, dual brushes, ultra-fine filtration, AquaGlide Propulsion, and a 10,000 mAh battery, the AquaSense Pro offers unrivaled power and flexibility.

Fully Cordless and Intelligent Convenience: Free from cords and tangles, AquaSense Pro enhances user experience with visualized pool layouts, multiple cleaning modes, and over-the-air updates.

Certified Quality and Reliability: Meanwhile, you can rely on the Aquasense Pro. It undergoes rigorous testing and has IP68 waterproof protection.


Simplify your pool care with this AI pool robot!