Keep drinks cold for days with the East Oak Rotomolded Hard Cooler. It’s ideal for picnics, parties, barbecues, camping trips, and more!


Ice-Cold for Days: With 3-inch insulated walls and commercial-grade polyurethane inside, this cooler keeps drinks frosty for over 4 days. A superior silicone sealing ring on the lid ensures superior temperature retention.

Smart Ice Management: The cooler separates ice and water, preventing accelerated melting. This innovative design prolongs freezing storage time and earned a 2023 Red Dot Design award.

360° Accessible Storage: Designed for ease, the cooler boasts a spacious area of 20.31 x 20.31 square inches, allowing easy access to food beneath the ice.

Convenient Draining: What’s more, the leakproof drain plug delivers effortless, fast draining.


Enjoy cold beverages for any event with this cooler with a drain plug!