Have clearer, more radiant skin with the PMD Wave Pro skin spatula. This beauty gadget uses EMS technology to improve your skin’s appearance.


Skin-improving technology: The PMD Wave Pro uses electrical currents to stimulate your facial muscles. This results in a toned, fresh appearance.

Extract mode: Banish blackheads and clogged pores in the Extract mode. It lifts debris, dead skin, and sebum from pores using negative ions.

Infuse mode: Help your skin absorb serums and creams in the Infuse mode. This mode relies on positive ions that split skincare products into smaller molecules.

Life mode: In Lift mode, E-Wave Technology stimulates your facial muscles for a toned, healthy look.

Rechargeable battery: Thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery, this beauty gadget is easy to keep powered. It fully recharges in about 3 hours.


Supercharge your skincare and improve your appearance with this blackhead-extracting device.