Scent your home with the Pura 4 smart fragrance diffuser. It uses premium, clean scents and innovative tech.


Safe & Clean Scents: Pair your Pura 4 with premium fragrances crafted from safe and clean ingredients.

Long-Lasting: Experience fragrance that lasts with Puralast technology. You get up to 120 hours of continuous scent enjoyment.

Smart Features: Adjust fragrance intensity, set schedules and timers, and more—all conveniently from the Pura app.

Adaptive Diffusion: The diffuser adjusts its output based on the temperature in your home, ensuring optimal scent delivery at all times.

Space-Filling Fragrance: Puralast technology ensures your space is consistently filled with your chosen fragrance.


Enjoy delightful, safe aromas for hours on end with Pura 4. This home accessory is stylish and adaptable to your lifestyle.