Treat your cat to a stylish, self-cleaning litter box, the PAWBBY P1. It’s a cat-safe, scoop-free solution.


Pet-Safe Certified Smart Operation: This TÜV-certified smart cat litter box ensures your cat’s safety. It actually pauses the operation when your cat approaches within 30cm.

High Precision Weighing Sensors: This feature caters to cats weighing 3.3-17.6 lbs, providing an upgraded pet care solution.

Japanese Odor-Eliminating Technology: Bid farewell to smelly boxes. PAWBBY uses natural and safe Japanese deodorizing technology.

APP-Controlled Convenience: Track your cat’s weight, monitor the litter box’s status, and enjoy quiet operation via the PAWBBY APP.

User-Friendly Operation: Featuring an OLED Display Screen and an easily detachable structure, the smart litter box offers simple and convenient operation along with easy cleaning, making pet care a breeze.


Go for style and function with the PAWBBY P1.