Introducing the Moss Air terrarium purifier, which breathes new life into your indoor environment. Engineered for superior air quality and convenience, Moss Air is the solution for cleaner, fresher air in your home.


Air purification: Moss Air’s state-of-the-art technology captures and eliminates airborne contaminants, including allergens, dust, pet dander, and even viruses.
Smart control: Moss Air purifies the air with its inner moss filter. Additionally, it uses an optimal terrarium algorithm to ensure the moss lives and purifies well.
Portability: With up to 8 hours of battery life, Moss Air goes with you in your home office, kitchen, or bedroom. In fact, its mini size and sleek exterior make it a staple, subtle, eye-catching piece for any interior.
Mood light: Creating a stunning atmosphere, the LED light nestled inside Moss Air adds coziness to your space. Moreover, watch as mist fills the panel when in terrarium mode. And watch sleeping moss spring back to life when moisturized.


Finally, Moss Air is your go-to solution for achieving pristine indoor air quality while enjoying the utmost convenience.