Share photos with loved ones worldwide when you have the Skylight Frame. This touchscreen digital picture frame allows seamless sharing.


User-Friendly Touchscreen: Skylight Frame offers a 10” vibrant touchscreen, making it easy to navigate, crop, and zoom directly from the frame for an enhanced viewing experience.

Gift Memories Instantly: Utilize Skylight’s Gift Mode to preload cherished photos. Your recipient gets special memories upon setting up the frame.

Effortless Photo Sharing: Connect seamlessly with friends and family using Skylight’s free mobile app or email. No accounts or subscriptions are necessary, so it’s a hassle-free way to share and enjoy special moments.

Offline Enjoyment: Relish your favorite photos even without Wi-Fi. Skylight Frame allows you to appreciate existing memories offline. For new photos, a Wi-Fi connection is required, balancing flexibility and convenience in photo sharing.


Delight your loved ones with this thoughtful, interactive gift.