Meet the Homey Pro! This universal smart home hub supports over 50K devices from over 1000 brands!


Universal Compatibility: With support for over 50,000 devices from 1000+ brands, Homey Pro is the open-platform hub you need. It embraces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave (Plus, S2), 433MHz RF, Infrared, Matter, and  Thread.

Matter Integration: Homey Pro not only supports Matter devices but extends their capabilities with custom features, energy monitoring, and brand-specific features via Homey Apps.

Wired Networking: Opt for the Homey Pro Ethernet Adapter to connect seamlessly to a wired network.

Satellite Mode: Expand your Homey Pro’s reach with Homey Bridge devices for wider wireless coverage, especially in larger spaces.

Performance: Equipped with a powerful quad-core ARMv8 processor, 2GB DDR4 RAM, and 8GB onboard storage, Homey Pro boasts 3.5 times better performance than its predecessor.


This Matter-enabled smart home hub delivers a smarter, more integrated home experience.