Get pristine floors effortlessly with the Narwal S10 Pro lightweight upright vacuum and mop.


Powerful Mop & Vacuum Technology: Elevate your cleaning routine with 17N mopping pressure, 76AW suction efficiency, and 32 water-stream self-cleaning. They ensure clean floors with minimal effort.

360-Degree Cleaning Mastery: Intelligence meets elegance as the Narwal S10 Pro navigates seamlessly with a flat-laying handle and a 63-degree rotation. It can reach under furniture for edge-to-edge cleaning.

Effortless Waste Disposal: Achieve a 99.99% disinfection rate with the S10 Pro. Meanwhile, it simplifies waste disposal by separating solid and liquid waste.

Self-Cleaning and Drying Station: After a cleaning session, the S10 Pro can undergo self-cleaning and drying inside its charging station.


Ready for hassle-free and hygienic floor cleaning? Then, the Narwal S10 is the vacuum for you!