Play vinyl records with confidence when you have the flip O flip user-friendly turntable. This innovative gadget makes your vinyl experience easier and more digital-forward. Here are the key features.


Auto-Flip Button: This turntable has an auto-flip button. It switches the sides of the record with a pin-shaped axis, so you don’t have to flip manually.

Rotation Speed Control: Take control of your music with adjustable rotation speed.

Dial Tonearm Removal: A convenient dial makes it easy to remove the tonearm from the record, protecting your vinyl collection.

Stylish Home Accessory: The flip O flip turntable also adds a touch of style to your home. With its sleek white body and vibrant orange tonearm, it’s a beautiful display piece.

Digital-Friendly Design: This user-friendly turntable bridges the gap between analog and digital.


Discover joy of playing vinyl records in a modern and effortless way!