Tired of alternating between sunglasses and reading glasses? Opt for the 32°N versatile eyewear, which lets you switch from sunglasses to reading glasses in just one swipe.


Everyday wear: With seamless technology, this versatile eyewear fits into your everyday activities and occasions, allowing you to wear them daily.

Switch lenses easily: Moreover, this eyewear will add convenience to your life—preventing you from constantly changing glasses or losing a pair when you’re outside. Without having to adjust lenses, you can look at the horizon and then swipe the glasses to check your phone.

No adjustments needed: And you won’t need to make adjustments. One simple swipe is all you need to focus from close to far distances.

Choose from 4 styles: Plus, with a choice of 4 frames, there’s a style that suits you.


Get glasses that adapt to you with these combined sunglasses and reading glasses.