Enjoy wide compatibility and incredible simultaneous fast charging when you have the AyraTec Infinity Charger versatile multi-fast-charger by your side.


Simultaneous fast charging: Charge several devices at the same time and fast-charge multiple devices all at once. Save time and hassle by charging 3 devices at 20 watts each.
Wide compatibility: Designed with 3 adjustable output plugs (3x USB-C, 2x Lightning, 1x Micro-USB), it works easily with your devices—old and new.
Laptop charging: It’ll power up your PC or MacBook with ease thanks to its full-power mode that delivers 65 watts. Just press the button to alternate between 3-device and 1-device charging modes.
GaN technology: Boasting GaN technology, it has a super lightweight design at just 160 grams—including the cables!


With this one gadget, you can kick your other chargers to the curb. Carry just one charger for all your on-the-go and at home power needs.