Maintain an odor-free home with cats when you have the Whisker Litter-Robot 4. This Wi-Fi self-cleaning litter box lets you stop scooping.


Effortless Cleanup: Litter-Robot 4’s self-cleaning feature sifts out waste after every use, eliminating the need for manual scooping.

Pet Monitoring: Stay informed about your cat’s well-being with SmartScale. It tracks weight, bathroom usage, and waste levels.

Odor Control: Clumps automatically fall into a tightly-sealed drawer, ensuring effective odor control. That way, your home stays nice and fresh.

Multi-Cat Friendly: Accommodating up to 4 cats, this smart litter box lets you avoid using multiple boxes, simplifying pet care.

Quiet Cleaning: Meanwhile, the QuietSift self-cleaning cycles cater to skittish kitties. It ensures a calm and unintrusive cleaning experience.


Simplify cat care with this stylish and functional self-cleaning litter box.