At CES 2024, Mercedes-Benz and Will.I.Am showcased the MBUX SOUND DRIVE, a revolutionary car audio system. With Dolby Atmos-powered speakers, it syncs music to your driving, creating a dynamic, personalized soundtrack. This innovation not only enhances the driving experience but also highlights the intersection of technology and entertainment, making car audio more immersive and enjoyable than ever.

Is it just me or are cars finally stepping into what we all thought the future would be like? I mean, seriously, this stuff is starting to get extra-terrestrial, and I gotta say its about time. Like this cool tech that came from and Mercedes AMG.

In terms of advancements, we often see things that came a while ago coming out with more refinement. You could accelerate to 180 mph in a car in the 80s. But one little pebble on the road meant you would throw your back out. Now you can cruise the autobahn and hit a pothole and basically float over it…not that you ever would, the roads of Germany are perfect.

Speaking of Germany…

So most advancements are really refinements, but every once in a while something comes along that none of us asked for, none of us thought of, but we all suddenly want.

At CES 2024 we were shown the product of Will.I.Am joining the ranks of Mercedes-Benz. and Mercedes AMG have come together to bring us the MBUX SOUND DRIVE. Now, you might be wondering what this is, and I guarantee that unless you feel it for yourself, no amount of explaining can help you appreciate this cool new feature, but I’m going to try my best.


Basically, your music plays according to how you drive. Simple as that, music and sound will emanate from the superb speakers of Dolby Atmos. This will bring you your own soundtrack as you drive. Accelerate, and your music reacts with base. Turn on a corner and hear the chorus sing. Come to a stop and everything mellows out. Find some open road to put your foot down and hear a song as if it was written for you.

Yeah, it’s like being in a video game.

I mean, it would be pretty cool to jam down the road and have your car DJ to every movement. Even hitting a bump and hearing your song drop the bass hard will make you want to take a pick-axe to the road just to get more badass vibes in your drive.

We’ve come a long way from recording cassette tapes in our cars from the radio to burning CDs to auxiliary cable to Spotify and now this. Car audio just keeps getting better and better, but would it be worth whatever it would cost?

“The Flip”, an automotive masterpiece

I mean, let’s not forget you’re buying a Mercedes. These cars have been at the forefront of automotive engineering since the last century and the one before that, so let’s not think for a moment they are going to make something that we don’t need or want.

Honestly, it’s good to know that new technology brings machines and people closer, but the MBUX SOUND DRIVE is proof that innovation can be for fun as well. That’s right, we have definitive proof that those of us who like to get in our cars and enjoy a seaside cruise down Pacific Coast Highway, won’t be left out to dry by the tech world.

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