Enhance your home security with the Wyze Video Doorbell v2. This wired video doorbell offers a crystal-clear 2K video resolution, capturing every porch moment in unprecedented detail.


2K video resolution: Experience unparalleled clarity in capturing porch arrivals and departures.
24/7 recording with microSD: Ensure no moment goes unnoticed with continuous local recording.
Works with existing Doorbell Chime: Seamlessly integrate with your home’s existing chime, maintaining the familiar ding-dong.
Motion-activated voice prompt: Deter potential intruders with automated voice prompts, alerting them of recording.
Pre-roll motion recording: Capture the scene before motion starts with 3–6 seconds of pre-roll recording.
AI detections with Cam Plus: Enjoy Person and Package Detection, cloud storage, and smarter notifications.


Upgrade your doorbell experience with Wyze Video Doorbell v2—the epitome of clarity, security, and convenience.